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   News Baransan: Turkish companies made a show of strength DI: 21-12-2012 Yazdır   Tavsiye Et

Baransan Aluminium stated that Aluminium Düsseldorf 2012 has been a useful fair for the turkish companies despite the decrease in the number of visitors.

Baransan Aluminium which  has  combined the state of the art technology in the aluminium extrusion sector with its long experience in metal processing and  trade is continuing its production activities in its plant in Gebze. The company    draws attention with its annual production capacity of approximately 7 000 tons  which is realized using 2 presses   one of which is 1600 tons and made in Germany and the other is 1.00 tons and made in Taiwan. The company which pursues its production activities with ALMGSI 0,5 or 0,7 or 1 alloys alloys and harness degrees of F22, F25, F28 and F31 and EN standarts makes a strong impression with high quality products in the field of mechanical processing, drilling, precise cutting and heat  insulation on a production area of 6 thousand m2.

Baransan Aluminium has exhibited some of its customer focused products, particularly  profiles for the 
Automotive,  construction , mechanical industry and furniture sectors, as press and eloxal  paint and announced that Aluminium Düsseldorf 2012 has met only  some of its  expectations in terms of finding new customers and opening to new markets.

In the announcement  made by Baransan Aluminium it has been stated that “ we have been disappointed by the low number of participants in the fair  as against  the high expectations of the aluminium profile producers, which is reflected by the fact that only  a few halls were  intensively visited throughout the   3 days during which the fair was open, despite the fact that it is generally one of the biggest fairs in the metal sector and organized in a country like Germany which is an industry giant. But one must also not forget that the distribution of each company to the halls according to  their production segments taking into  consideration the specific  features of the participating companies was one of the most important reasons of that situation. The company emphasized that the classification of the participants taking into consideration their specific features may seem as an advantage  but that was only an advantage only  for the visitors and further made the evaluation that “ The  number of participants in the fair which can not be undervalued and the demonstration of the fact that the turkish enterprises are as  much ambitious as the foreign participants in this sector was one of the most significant and promising aspects of this fair”.

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