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   News Çuhadaroğlu is considering not to participate in the next fair DI: 21-12-2012 Yazdır   Tavsiye Et

Çuhadaroğlu Metal  Industry  and Marketing  Inc. which is one of the participants of  Alu Düsseldorf 2012  fair  stated that they consider not participating in the next  fair  because of the deficiencies in the organization   of the fair .

Çuhadaroğlu Metal  Industry  and Marketing  Inc.  is continuing its production activities in its factory  founded on an area  of 70 thousands m2 in Büyükçekmece  with its experience  dating back to more than half a  century . The factory  is an integrated facility   which includes all production  units such as the billet raw material casting  plant , extrusion lines, mold   workshop , surface  processing,  mechanical   processing and assembly  workshops,    250 personnel is employed in the factory  which has an annual production  capacity  of 20 000 tons of profiles.

The company which had introduced the industrial  aluminium  profiles in  Aluminium  Düsseldorf 2012 has announced  that the  fair has failed to meet their  expectations.  Çuhadaroğlu Metal  industry  and marketing  Inc. which pointed out  to the low number of visitors in this year’s fair  in comparison to the recent years drew  attention to the fact that this situation might be due to the high  level of entrance  fees.

Çuhadaroğlu Metal  Industry  and Marketing  Inc. which emphasized  the deficiencies in the organization  of the fair  pointed out  that the participants were not gathered  in halls by  branches and  that this disorder caused  the visitors to get tired, which in turn made it impossible for the  participant companies to  reach the target visitors properly.  

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