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   Products Aluminium Clading System DI: 21-05-2021 Yazdır   Tavsiye Et



• Application of Lamels, with equal length between axials.


  • Using each Lamel within itseif with different joints and length.

  • Possibility of having application of staggered joints, due to unique Lamel length without

need to axials.

• Open to different architectural designs due to unique form.

  • Coping canopy in the form of Lamel and detail finishing options.

• Application for unlimited interrior and exterrior point of view.

  • Due to use of EPDM injection gaskets in the shape of Lamel in between joints at unique

applications absorbs expantion of Lamel by increasing impermability of joinings of the

• Provide Pratical application and aesethetic view.


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